Four4 - John Cage, performed together with Chris Burn, Lee Patterson & Mark Wastell on Another Timbre, at34.
Under Ubi's Tree - Nathan Thomson Trio + guests - producer/performer/arranger on Naim label, Naim 114.
Mercy And Grand - Gavin Bryars/Joe Townsend/Jim Holmes, performance (Opera North) for release in 2011 on GB Records.
Father’s Footsteps - producer/composer/arranger, Allen/Hanley/Shrubshall (Project Surprise).
The Dangerous Kitchen - Allen/Martin Pyne/Stan Sulzmann, improvisations on Tall Guy Records TG001.
The Dangerous Kitchen on Radio 2 Jazz, produced by Derek Dresher.
Creative Sound Pictures - The Dangerous Kitchen on EMI, KPM253.
Parallel Life - Allen/Sylvia Hallett/Adrian Lee, music for the Comedy Of Errors (RSC, Adrian Lee) on Mock Turtle, MTCD001.
Earle Brown Chamber Music - arrangement (Dal Niente Projects) on Matchless Recordings, MRCD52.
Cornelius Cardew Chamber Music 1955-1964 - performance (Apartment House) on Matchless Recordings, MRCD45.
BBC Radio 3 - performance of concert works by Christian Wolff (+arranger), Ian Gardiner, Andrew Hugill, Laurence Crane, Alan Hall.