Tuned nails & oven parts

The following selected playlist of pre-recorded work can be found at -

Leviathan, plumb - surface - drift -
prepared piano, processed piano, celesta, strings, bowed metal, manipulated sine tones.
Imp b - percussion, found objects, prepared barrel piano, 2 musical saws.
For Strings (with Sylvia Hallett) - violas, violins & processing.
Fruitcake - stylophones, piano, vibe, marimba, percussion, gar-hu.
Alembic (with Nathan Thomson) - bowed steel plate, maasai flute.
Roque Pisano’s Donkey Sleeps - prepared barrel piano, dulcitone.
In Lethe Steep (with Nathan Thomson) - double bass, zithers, saw.
first thought (with Kurdish singer Nawroz Oramari) - voice, santoor.

Maes Terfyn central theme of playscore - nyckelharp, celesta, piano.
Voyage Around My Father
central theme of playscore - piano, clarinet, strings, glassharmonica.
The Devil Inside Him
montage - 2 violins, harp, processed piano.
The Taming Of The Shrew
montage - violas, double bass, accordion, vibe, marimba, percussion.
Measure For Measure montage - hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharp, organ, music box, strings.

Musician credits for the above.
Sylvia Hallett - violin.
Katya Mervola - viola.
Nawroz Oramari - voice.
Clare Salaman - hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharp.
Nathan Thomson - double bass, maasai flute.
All other instruments played by the composer.