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Simon is well known for having a greatly expanded sonic palette. Beyond the tools of a percussionist’s training his instrumental resource incorporates several instruments of his own design and includes glass harmonica, hammered dulcimer, musical saw, bass harmonica and many non western sounds. Initially this emerged through collaboration and study with artists from Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Egypt, Japan, Iran and continued in collaborations with many new music composers. Currently less active in non-western music, the experiences of work in that area now mix with his classical training and digital techniques, into a unique artistic voice.

An active improviser he collaborates with David Ryan, Ian Mitchell, Gianni Trovalusci, Alberto Poppolla and has a long association with sound artist & composer Jan Hendrickse. Implementing different improvisatory aesthetics plays an important role in his practice. In 2010 he was invited by David Toop to develop a realisation of his new opera The Star Shaped Biscuit, for 3 improvising singers, 5 improvising musicians and pre-recorded tape.

Numerous scores have been written for Simon. He has played regularly as a soloist for Radio 3 and performed with contemporary music groups such as Dal Niente, Apartment House, Opera North Projects, George W. Welch, Harmonie Band and Gemini as well as orchestral, theatre and film work.

Notable performances include Christian Wolff's 60th birthday broadcast for Radio 3 with John Tilbury, Eddie Prevost & Keith Rowe; and the UK premiere of Morton Feldman's 4 1/2 hour trio "For Philip Guston" with John Tilbury and the late Dorothy Stone. This, one of Feldman’s longest works, was revisited for the 2011 Osterfestival in Tirol, Austria and recorded live for DVD release on the Italian label ATOPOS.

He has also performed for many theatre shows, see